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Tarotscope for the week of Dec 10th

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December 10th – December 16th Tarotscope forecast

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Aries: Knight of Wands
A man of action and passion is in store for you. Yes guys, it will be a guy. Someone who knows how to motivate and create ideas and then put them into action. The kind of person that people want to be around because he gets them excited about the future. This man is coming your way, so watch out for him, he may be just the person you need to meet.

Taurus: 8 of Cups
A small but powerful moment awaits you this week. There is something in all of our pasts that we don’t like, that we would like to move away from. Yet we never do, we hold on to it. It has become comfortable. This week you can reach a point where you decide it is time to move on. It may feel sad at first, you are losing a part of your comfort zone, but the future is calling and it does look a whole lot better.

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Gemini: 6 of Swords
You know how it goes sometimes. Life can be rough! And you’ve faced those rough times. For some of you it was like being a boxing match like in Rocky with the Russian guy. Rocky’s friend was killed and Rocky was getting beaten badly. He was on the ropes but he fought back and won! You have too. The 6 of swords is a travel card, moving from rough times to smoother times. But it reminds you that you have to be like Rocky, face the issues, don’t hide from them, learn your lessons from them and move forward.

Cancer: 3 of Pentacles
The three of pentacles is a good card. it means you are finally going to get rewarded for the work you do. Things are finally going to go your way. So just keep at it and things will improve. I know, finally, right!?

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Leo: 2 of Pentacles
What this reminds me of is something I once saw on a trip to San Francisco. I took a trip to Sonoma and then travelled the Russian river to the coast. I got out of my car to take a picture of the sea because I love the oceans. As I came closer to the sea, the wind was strong and I could see the ships off the coast struggling as the seas were choppy but on the shore was a woman juggling. She struggled to keep the balls in the air when the wind came but for the most part, she went with the flow and focused as she juggled so much in the air. This is will be your fate this week. You will be ok in the end but you must go with the flow and keep all the balls in the air this week the best you can.

Virgo: The Hermit
I hope you took time over the past few months to think over life and find some real value in life. If you have then the solitude you have been feeling will soon end and the knowledge you gained will be able to help you gain in life what you have wanted. But if you haven’t done any of this then you will be forced back into solitude to learn what you need to move forward.

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Libra: 4 of Cups
When I was in grad school, I had some classmates that sat around with their arms folded, expecting the school to do all the work for them. The school would find jobs but none of those jobs were the “perfect” one, so they would sit there and do nothing. All the while, the perfect job was to had if they had gotten up and done some learning and networking. But they refused and ended up being bitter and unhappy. The cards say this can happen to you this week, please do avoid that, seek wisdom and it will set you free.

Scorpio: 5 of Swords
You may win the battle but it may not feel like much of a win. Examine your motives and goals in what you do, are you doing it for ego centric reason or for real value, only the latter will improve things for you.

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Sagittarius: Page of Pentacles
This card is a message about money. Be industrial this week, learn new skills, put your current skills to work and earn money on the side. It’s all about being creative and active and you will be just like the Page of pentacles and always have more money than you need so you can get the things you want.

Capricorn: Temperance
This card reminds you to remain calm and balanced no matter what. Just stay in your zone and don’t let the turbulence around you get to you.

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Aquarius: 9 of Wands
This week my trainer at the gym had me do a new work out. I’ve been trying to improve my strength and she felt this new workout would be the thing. I am frustrated that I have not achieved my goal and this new workout was beating up really bad. I was exhausted and covered in sweat and feeling like I couldn’t go on. But I remembered how far I had come and that I needed to go on because I was almost there, I was so close, just a little bit more and I’d reach my goal. You to are tired and want this to end, it will soon, you are almost there, just a little bit longer.

Pisces: King of Pentacles
You’ll meet a generous man this week but you won’t notice this if you are not paying attention. For he isn’t one to share his feelings and have them dripping all over the place for you to step in like Geraldo Rivera. He’s a kind man that isn’t one to express emotions outwardly but through his actions of generosity and kindness. But his coldness is what people look at and think about when they see him and often misread him as being cold and aloof. Don’t make that mistake, for he can be very helpful to you.

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