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Tarotscopes for the Week starting Dec 24th

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December 24th – December 30th Tarotscope forecast

Hey, Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Aries: 10 of Pentacles
This is a good card, it represents a strong family legacy, where you gain and have more than enough to be comfortable and happy. Pretty self explanatory, so there is much else to say about it.

Taurus: 8 of Cups
A small but powerful moment awaits you this week. There is something in all of our pasts that we don’t like, that we would like to move away from. Yet we never do, we hold on to it. It has become comfortable. This week you can reach a point where you decide it is time to move on. It may feel sad at first, you are losing a part of your comfort zone, but the future is calling and it does look a whole lot better.

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Gemini: Chariot
A few months ago I had a trip to Prague. Along the way I had to drive for about 20 miles along a foggy road. I was going pretty fast which wasn’t the best since there were ice patches on the road and the car was not well suited for the ice road conditions I was facing that early morning. I had to focus with great intensity to keep the car from going off the road as the tires did not seem to want to grip the road very well. But I made it to my destination. You will face something similar this week, where you must focus and show mastery in order to achieve victory

Cancer: Queen of Cups
Focus on your intuitive qualities this week. it’s a time for the softer side of life to show itself. I know you Crabs are very good at being analytical but the intuitive side of you needs to get some exercise as well.

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Leo: 5 of Wands
When I was in a kid, there was a dark forest near the play ground. In the woods was a natural rock formation that made a great fort. My friends and I made a fort and some other kids came to take it and then another group of kids came to take and then another. It was a battle, not to the death, but a competition with competing agendas. Everyone brought their strengths and weaknesses and we fought it out to compete to see who would be kind of the forest. This is what you can expect for your week, it is not the be all to end all battle, but it is competitive for sure.

Virgo: 7 of Cups
Normally I have something big to say since this week is all about focusing on one things and sticking with it, that’s what I’m going to do to. Focus and stick with it, that’s all you got to do this week.

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Libra: 5 of Pentacles
Two people stand before a door, both are poor and well beaten up by life’s trials. One sits on the ground begging and the other stands with a defiant look. The door they stand before is very lavish and is the door to a very wealthy place that can help them, but they do not knock on the door for help. Their faith is gone and they feel they are stuck with what life has given them. This is your fate this week Aquarius, unless you keep your faith. So knock on the door for help!

Scorpio: King of Pentacles
You’ll meet a generous man this week but you won’t notice this if you are not paying attention. For he isn’t one to share his feelings and have them dripping all over the place for you to step in like Geraldo Rivera. He’s a kind man that isn’t one to express emotions outwardly but through his actions of generosity and kindness. But his coldness is what people look at and think about when they see him and often misread him as being cold and aloof. Don’t make that mistake, for he can be very helpful to you.

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Sagittarius: The High Priestess
Are you the logical type, likes everything in a system, you like plans and logic? Well, this is so not going to be your week then. This is a week where you need to feel your way through the unknown. There are hidden gems to help you later on this year, but in order to find them, you need to stop thinking an analyzing so much and start feeling your way through things. That’s how you find them. Like Luke in Star Wars, you have to feel the force this week, or like Luke, get stung by the little floating ball during practice.

Capricorn: Queen of Pentacles
Imagine a very pretty woman at cafe with a small coffee and a pastry in front of her. She gazes down at her coffee with a little faint smile as if she is admiring the swirls in her coffee as she stirs it slowly. Nothing bothers her, she is very grounded and down to earth as her environment is comfortable and efficient. Oh this is your kind of week, a down to earth week. The kind where you bake cookies to deal with a problem. Make lists and things to do will happen, it’s all about the practical approach to life this week.

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Aquarius: King of Swords
A man is around you, he is smart, very smart, and uses his mind to advance his will. You don’t always feel he has feelings but he does. However he does not care for emotional outbursts and that’s something you do tend to do. You are going to have to learn to deal with this man because he will play a role in your future.

Pisces: 9 of Cups
This is often called the wish card, it asks you to make a wish. It is also a very feel good card, it represents that your life is full, good friends, family, decent enough job, etc…, life is good. The asks you to think about what you want in order to make life even better so it can deliver it to you.

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