Daily Archives: December 27, 2011

Pisces 2012, the Year Ahead

Pisces: Charoite
Charoite comes from a single river valley in Russia, no-where else in the world. It is a strong purple ray stone and can help to purify and protect you. But in all its wonders, it has a message for you. To seek your path of service in life to achieve more balance for yourself. We all came here with a mission, along the way of school, work, bills etc…, we often lose that sense. Charoite will help you get it back. You mission is to help allow the world to line up the events needed to find your own happiness again.


Aquarius 2012, The Year Ahead

Aquarius: Chrysoprase
This is a time of new ideas. You have a lot on your mind and the outlet to get them out is important. But what part of your mind should you pay attention to? The most creative ideas are going to come at you from the subconscious. So expect them to come when you least expect it and be ready for them with pen and pad or tablet. If you really want to rev up your creative juices, get out into nature. A connection to nature, especially wooded areas are just what Chrysoprase calls for to push forth those great ideas.

Capricorn 2012, The Year Ahead

Capricorn: Stichtite in Serpentine
Fear and negativity can make life dull. It’s true! When we are afraid, we do not experience life to the full extent we can. For a while you have has this happening in a part of your life. What this stone is trying to teach is that you can get log of the fear and start to trust. A lot of your problems are controlled by your own ability to see the issue in a new light. So the year ahead, work on the new light and see how your world does change for the better.

Sagittarius 2012, The Year Ahead

Sagittarius: Clear Quartz
This is a year for setting goals. Clear quartz has a reputation of being a very programmable crystal. With that in mind, this is a year for setting goals. Be realistic with your goals, so that you can easily attain them. Get a small clear quartz and program it with your goals and sit back and enjoy the benefits of seeing those goals become reality.

Scorpio 2012, the Year Ahead

Scorpio: Azurite
Azurite is a mental stone, many people meditate with it on their third eye. What Azurite is asking of you right now it to give it a task, to help you reach your goals. With Azurite as your partner, it is best to focus on what you want as if you have it already. Even if you think you are being rejected, don’t give it, because often what you will find is that Azurite has already mapped out a better outcome for you, you just have to trust it.

Libra 2012, The Year Ahead

Libra: Wulfenite
This is a very intuitive guiding stone. By that I mean, the message it brings forth is to follow your gut. All too often we fall into the trap of listening to so called experts or authority figures on what is best for us. Wulfenite is asking you to trust your own soul’s judgment for what is best for you. Your job to listen to that judgment. It is not the loudest voice out there but it is the best voice for you to be listening to.