Daily Archives: February 13, 2012

Dealing with the Negativity

Saturday, I knew I had to do something. I can’t sit around feeling sorry for myself. Partly because that’s not who I am and also because I know the consequences.

Like a lot of you, you probably have had psychics tell you that you have negativity around you. 99% of the time, that’s a scam. It’s a scam because the methods they claim are often wrong. Methods, which depends on you parting with hundreds or even thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money and having nothing to show for it. And when you call them on it, they say, you lacked faith and that is why it didn’t work. So don’t waste your money. There are other ways of dealing with negativity.

Now negativity does exist and it can be a nasty thing to deal with. But it is often a self inflicted spiral of thoughts and emotions feeding on itself. A great example would be my past month. I knew what was coming my way; I knew this would be difficult at work. I knew the pressure was going to be every high. The hurt feelings were the tipping point that pushed things over the edge. The timing couldn’t have been worse. It had been so long since I cared for someone on that level that it really was a blow. I mean if a co-worker or even a friend had done that, it would have been annoying at the worse and that’s not much to me. A spiral of negativity was starting to take hold. I knew this and realized I had to do something.

The sad fact of reality is, when people need help and they ask me for it, I will help if I can. If a person truly needs help, I will help because that is what you should do. But when I need help, I know there are very few people who will help and even fewer who have the ability to help. I have learned that a lot of people who think they are caring, when truly put to the test, are just selfish lying bastards. And yes, I do remember when they turn their backs on me, the next time they come knocking, it’s a business transaction at that point. If you expect someone to help you at their own cost, but you won’t do the same in return, you have shown me you have lost your sense of humanity. I can’t allow myself to be taken advantage of by you at that point in time.

Crystals on the other hand, I have found have always helped me. That’s how I got really good at understanding them. And when I give a crystal session to someone, I do so based on experience, not a book. Sure I have all the popular books and bunch you probably never heard of. But everything I recommend is based on actual hands on experience. So here is a treat for you. How I use crystals when I need help.

The first issue was a hurt heart. Rhodochrosite is the best for that. It helps you remember what is so great about you, something we sometimes forget when we get hurt emotionally. I find the stone does the best for us when it is worn near the heart. I found that within days of using it, I didn’t have that ache in my heart that was there for the past week. I’m still spending Valentine’s Day alone and with no one to wish me happy V-day, but hey, I guess that is life, I will live.

Next I got my selenite rods out. These are thick pieces of selenite about 18 to 20 inches long. I place them next to me while meditating. I haven’t been meditating at all this year and had to start up again. Selenite is a great stone for higher chakra vibrations and just keeping you safe while in meditation. I also have a double terminated tourmaline quartz that I place near my heart while meditating. What is great about this stone is that it works with the selenite to help get the chakras balanced as well as helping to clear out any blocks and get my energy moving smoothly again. This is what helps clear out that negativity. It really helps me to just get grounded and focused again.

And of course my trusty fire agate. A great protection stone and general get off your butt stone. Without it I would have probably just sat on the sofa feeling all depressed. I like fire agate because of the protection factor and the motivational factor, sometimes you do need that extra push to get going and fire agate helps.

So today I got two calls from recruiters and my boss was acting very nice to me. Because I think he realized I reached the bs tolerance level last week. He even said I could take the research trips I wanted to take. This time last week he was telling me why I can’t go anywhere for anything. I also had higher ups talking about my projects in a good way, so things have improved. As for the woman… Well, I never believed you can make anyone love you. And I would never use crystals for that. I am still very much confused about that, I could have sworn she felt the same way, but even I can be wrong.