Daily Archives: April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I wish all of you who come to my blog and read my stuff, a happy Easter.

The world has a lot of drama going on these days. I hope the message of Easter helps people remember why we should look past most of it and really see the world as a fun and wonderful place.

As for me, I am spending my day catching up on my reading. I have 12 books waiting for me, I got through one this morning and hope to get through two more today.

And in case you were wondering, I did take my own advice and I did my juice detoxing, my co-workers did their best to try and get me to break, but I didn’t. I juice organic foods and I really do think they taste better and make you feel better. I was totally relaxed all week. Other than a strange craving for focaccia, I was fine. Infact I had great energy and lost some weight. I even inspired a few co-workers to give it a try. I went 10 days without eating solid food and people knew this and would bring donuts, cookies, chicken wings, nachos and eat them in front of me, thinking that will break me. But my will is stronger than food. Plus the health benefits were great. Normally I would have allergies this time of year, I have had no issues while jucing. That in itself is worth doing this longer!