Tarotscopes for the week starting Nov 10th

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November 10th – November 16th Tarotscope forecast

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Aries: Seven of Swords
Someone has taken something, that is for sure, but who is the thief? Being an individual true to yourself can often be seen by society as theft, you have broken away, they invested in you and they feel you stole from them. As a result, society will seek to take something from you as what it sees as payment for the “theft” it believes you enacted on it.

Taurus: Ace of Pentacles
The ace is about getting a positive reward for hard work. A fresh start is in the offering for you. Especially in the areas of money, career and worldly success. If you start a business now, it will prosper.

Gemini: The High Priestess
The high priestess is one of my favorite cards. She represents a side of me that comes out in readings that often can frustrate clients. The high priestess is about wisdom and knowing. Yet as she has a look that draws you in, you can see in her eyes that she is hiding something from your logical mind. S slight mischievous smile she cracks with a mix of love, innocence and playful mystery floating threw her gaze. If you were hoping for a direct and rational answer, you are out of luck. She speaks truth to the heart and soul. When you can listen to her through those centers, her knowledge will intuitively be there for you to understand.

Cancer: Knight of Wands
Someone who acts on will and inspiration is this knight. A great person to have when you need to just bulldoze forward, but, not the best person to have when you need to think something through. Don’t fall for this person’s will, they may seem strong but their inability to think things through can come back to bite you.

Leo: Page of Cups
One of the most annoying cards I know. The page of cups is a person who acts like nothing is good enough, they want an intense and over the top emotional experience and anything less than that is just plain dull and uninteresting. This person things they are so much better than everyone else because they are so much more emotional, but really, they are a bore to deal with. Sorry but chances are, you’ll run into this person.

Virgo: Knight of Swords
All knights are people of action, but this knight is a thinker as well. This knight enjoys planning and strategy and looking at the big picture. But this knight is always a quiet knight that comes up with his ideas on his own and planning well. Once plans are clear in his mind, he acts! Want to keep up, then you need to be quick of mind. Nimble in all regards or this knight will leave you behind. Don’t want to be left behind? Then be ready for action when this knight is.

Libra: Three of Swords
This is the card everyone hates. There is no way around it, this is a card of pain. Something will hurt you this week and it will be the truth. It can be something as small as cutting words from someone close or bit like your lover telling you that they are cheating on you.

Scorpio: The World
As the final card of the major arcana, the World marks the end of a journey. Yeah, you made it! Success! A number of cards mark endings in the tarot, the world marks end of a journey that you wanted to take on and you wanted a positive outcome to and if you did what was needed, then you will have that outcome you wanted.

Sagittarius: Ten of Swords
The end is a new beginning. And ending is coming and it is a rough ending for sure. There seems like nothing good to it at all. But it is finally over and with it, a new start can come. So even though everything looks bad and it is, the hope is that, something new can now come in and replace it.

Capricorn: Nine of Pentacles
Independence is very important with this card, for it represents self made success. Make sure you appreciate it, for it is a card that demonstrates hard work and self control to attain a level of success and happiness that is hard to match by the other cards. It doesn’t mean the bad days don’t come now and then but it does me that you can overcome them easily.

Aquarius: The Tower
Generally a card people don’t want to see, it often means destruction and sudden at that, of something you have nurtured and love. You can see this as a negative or realize that sometimes creative destruction can open the way for something better to come.

Pisces: Eight of Wands
Once you push the button, you can’t take it back. Sometimes the big sudden changes start out small. A small event will trigger a big change and once it has started, you better get on the ride for it won’t stop. Don’t stand in the way thinking it is going to stop for you, it will just run you over.

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