Tarotscope for the Week starting Nov 17th

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November 17th – November 23rd Tarotscope forecast

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Aries: Knight of Pentacles
It’s a time to be you this week, don’t take big risks, just work steady and be that loner who works hard and doesn’t cut corners. The dull person who keeps to the plan and doesn’t waiver. The one who doesn’t go out clubbing this week but works extra hours to save more money for those big plans you have down the road. Yes, this is you this week, it’s the you that you wish to always be, well, now you get to be it this week.

Taurus: Six of Swords
When it comes time to make an exit, look for someone to help you and when that help arrives, take it!

Gemini: Seven of Swords
Someone has taken something, that is for sure, but who is the thief? Being an individual true to yourself can often be seen by society as theft, you have broken away, they invested in you and they feel you stole from them. As a result, society will seek to take something from you as what it sees as payment for the “theft” it believes you enacted on it.

Cancer: Strength
During the Victorian era, strength was shown by keeping a stiff upper lip. You didn’t want to lose your cool, you had to show you had it together. I want you to image a lion and someone coming to help the lion. The lion is hurt and needs your help, so you help. Instead of the lion eating you, it shows strength of character by not eating you and instead by serving you as a devoted friend. The lion is showing you real strength but so do you show strength by counseling the lion. The lion is much like a shadow self, to face it and show care and compassion in the face of it’s anguish is strength as well.

Leo: The Hierophant
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone who doesn’t speak in riddles? Who answers the questions that you ask and who is able to fill in the gaps when it comes to the mysteries of the world? You have a good chance of meeting such a person this week. But he won’t be what you think so pay attention, the person you probably think is not him, is probably him.

Virgo: Page of Cups
One of the most annoying cards I know. The page of cups is a person who acts like nothing is good enough, they want an intense and over the top emotional experience and anything less than that is just plain dull and uninteresting. This person things they are so much better than everyone else because they are so much more emotional, but really, they are a bore to deal with. Sorry but chances are, you’ll run into this person.

Libra: The Tower
Generally a card people don’t want to see, it often means destruction and sudden at that, of something you have nurtured and love. You can see this as a negative or realize that sometimes creative destruction can open the way for something better to come.

Scorpio: The High Priestess
The high priestess is one of my favorite cards. She represents a side of me that comes out in readings that often can frustrate clients. The high priestess is about wisdom and knowing. Yet as she has a look that draws you in, you can see in her eyes that she is hiding something from your logical mind. S slight mischievous smile she cracks with a mix of love, innocence and playful mystery floating threw her gaze. If you were hoping for a direct and rational answer, you are out of luck. She speaks truth to the heart and soul. When you can listen to her through those centers, her knowledge will intuitively be there for you to understand.

Sagittarius: King of Cups
Imagine you walk down to the sea and you see a man on a pier. He sits at a table drinking his wine calmly and with a look of peace and affection in his eyes. As you get closer, you see that the seas under the pier are violent and churning. Yet the man is calm and is unaffected by this. This is a week where your emotions may swing between expressively joyful to cold bluntness, but it is best to try and be like the man on the pier and try not to let those emotions affect you too much. In case you are worried about saying the wrong thing, this may be a good week to do more listening than talking for a change.

Capricorn: King of Swords
The only chaos you have control over is the chaos of your mind. That is what the king of swords is all about, that is if he were to talk. You see the king is the quietest of all the kings. A man who chooses his words carefully for he knows, once spoken, they can’t be taken back. He likes to be responsible in his actions and realizes, he needs to be in control of his mind first, so do you.

Aquarius: Five of Cups
Regret for a mistake that cannot be unmade. But you can work through it, like any cup, things flow in and things flow out, let the bad flow out and feel better.

Pisces: Six of Cups
A whisper from the past comes to lend you a sign of joy and love. In the midst of chaos and the mundane, this little piece of generosity is going to brighten your day. Enjoy it for all it provides you.

John Atla


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