Tarotscope for the week of Dec 15th

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December 15th – December 21st Tarotscope forecast

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Aries: Knight of Swords
All knights are people of action, but this knight is a thinker as well. This knight enjoys planning and strategy and looking at the big picture. But this knight is always a quiet knight that comes up with his ideas on his own and planning well. Once plans are clear in his mind, he acts! Want to keep up, then you need to be quick of mind. Nimble in all regards or this knight will leave you behind. Don’t want to be left behind? Then be ready for action when this knight is.

Taurus: Page of Swords (Repeat)
You know the type, they like to ask lots of questions. And in that they can be really annoying because they need an answer. They can’t take “I don’t know.” They are very smart but not always showing of intellectual rigor in their behavior but they are a true problem solver. As annoying as this person may be at time, they are going to be very handy for you this week in helping you solve some problems.

Gemini: Queen of Wands
This queen brings good fortune and good people to her like a moth is drawn to a flame. She wants you to be your best because she only wants the best around her. Be your best and you will enjoy the fortunes she can shine upon you.

Cancer: Nine of Pentacles
Independence is very important with this card, for it represents self made success. Make sure you appreciate it, for it is a card that demonstrates hard work and self control to attain a level of success and happiness that is hard to match by the other cards. It doesn’t mean the bad days don’t come now and then but it does me that you can overcome them easily.

Leo: The Hermit
We live in an age of great information. Often, we are told the more we know the smarter we are or the better we can make decisions. But we often know that just leads to information paralysis. At times it is good to take a time out from everything and just reflect and quiet the mind. This would be a good week to do just that.

Virgo: Death
Even expected endings bring sadness. The way this card is often used is to say a new beginning is coming, which is true, it is. But that doesn’t mean you hide from the sadness. If something does come to an end, embrace the sadness, it will lead to love and you will really move on from there.

Libra: The Chariot
This is a card about forward movement despite what the circumstances may be. Even though the path may not be clear and you cannot see in front of you or to the sides, just keep going forward. But to have success you need to move forward with will and self confidence. It is a matter of will over circumstance, that is what will be the key to your success.

Scorpio: Nine of Wands
One more battle to go. This is a card of someone who has seen a lot of battles and knows what it takes to survive. Someone who has been through a lot and can work through the pain because this person understands that the pain is temporary and worrying about it won’t help the situation. This is the person you will need to be this week.

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords
Swords represent logic and reason. The ace of swords is a card that is good to have. It means that solutions to problems are close at hand and are within unattainable distance.

Capricorn: Queen of Cups
Are you ready for a journey? I bet your heart is filled, as well as your head, with ideas of grand adventure. And the Queen of cups, is a woman who has been around the world, she knows what a journey means. She knows the price you have to pay, are you ready to pay that price? Because if you go on a journey, your heart will pay the price of darkness for this journey. There is risk and terrifying loneliness waiting for you, but that’s the price life will take from you for your journey. The queen knows this, this is why she is not filled with illusions.

Aquarius: The Hierophant
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone who doesn’t speak in riddles? Who answers the questions that you ask and who is able to fill in the gaps when it comes to the mysteries of the world? You have a good chance of meeting such a person this week. But he won’t be what you think so pay attention, the person you probably think is not him, is probably him.

Pisces: The Magician
In old readings, the magician was often seen as a trickster and someone who played with people. That may still be if you don’t take note. The magician is the master of magic and discipline and focus is needed to make his magic shine in your life this week. If you can focus and do so with discipline, then the magician a card for changing your world for the better.

John Atla


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