2012 Was the Beginning, Not the End

So I have been traveling a lot this year. I’ve been to many places and plan to go to many more this year. I for one never thought 2012 was the end, sorry to all those who ran up large bills thinking they wouldn’t have to pay it back. But something has changed, in fact a lot has changed. But if you are like most, you didn’t even notice.

Sure, the world is acting like it is run by morons, fact of the matter is, it is being run by morons. But that’s an illusion of power. I’ll write about that some other time. What I do want to write about is the crystal aspect today. What I mean by that is that, we are not alone on this planet and the crystal world is a world that speaks to us, if we learn how to listen. In fact what it has been saying did change and we should take it more seriously.

I have over a thousand crystals in my house. I have some of the strongest vibration crystals we know of. Something I noticed after December 2012, was the change in tone these crystals took. It was less about helping in the way they had in the past. In the past, I was very good at spotting a crystal for a specific need. Crystals were always very helpful in aiding emotional issues for people. No matter how big of a crutch you needed, they were there for you. I helped many clients with finding the right crystal and it was a lot of fun.

Now the crystals are not so willing to help that way. They will help for sure, but the change in attitude is very much a reality. Now they don’t help so much like they did in the past. And I see what is happening with them. Instead of helping like in the past, they want us to own our own development more. Take ownership for our own lives.


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