Stone for August – Black Obsidian

Normally during August, everyone wants to relax and enjoy themselves. People go on vacation and sit on the beach. But where to go is a little more interesting this year.

Plague in China, an entire town has been closed off due to the plague. In fact plague has been killed in Colorado as well. Then you have Ebola in Africa and concerns it might spread further. And you have this strange virus going around the Caribbean spread by mosquitoes. And if that wasn’t enough, you have war spreading and destabilizing elements happening all over the place. Protests are growing in the US and Europe. Not mention the cost of everything is going up. There are a lot of negative energies out there waiting to attach themselves to you.

There are a lot of stones that can help you to stay grounded and walking a positive path. One of the easiest to find and least expensive to get is black obsidian.

Obsidian is basically volcanic glass. Created from volcanoes going off, this is primal Earth energy. There are various types of obsidian with different colors, black is the most common and any decent rock shop will have a few around that shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars.

Black obsidian is a powerful repellant of negative energies. I have one by my bed to help me sleep well at night. It acts as a psychic vacuum cleaner helping to remove disharmony and keep your aura clear. It is also a strong grounding stone, this aspect combined with the ability to keep the negative away is a great stone to have during this month. A lot of people are getting worked up over what is in the news or in their current environment. Black Obsidian will help to keep you level and safe while others act out on the drama that is in the air. It won’t prevent you from catching ebola so don’t press you luck in that area.


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