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September’s Crystalscope – The Witch King of Siberia

September’s Crystalscope

The Witch King of Siberia

September around the world is kind of like the second new year, at least for those with kids. Because in a lot of ways it is a new year with a new school year starting. For me, a lot started this time last year, I did a lot of travel starting last September. I wanted to see the world and how it was adapting to the post 2012 crazy. On my travels I ventured to Siberia.

Siberia is really not what you think. I know I thought it was would be all snow and nothing else. There are parts like that but there are also areas that get very hot. I travelled along the Yenisei river to Southern Siberia. It was there that I learned of the Witch King of Siberia legend. This part of Siberia is old, it is so old that monuments stand from a time we don’t even know. They say it can be as old as 30,000 years. Stone statues stand all over the place with faces carved into them. Some faces smile, others look serious. And then the carvings, some look like something out of an episode of Ancient Aliens. I decided to stop in this area for a month. I had a three month visa and as long as I registered, the Russians were ok with what I did.

I spent my time hiking out to small villages to meet the natives. The food was great and the stories they told of a history we never learned in school. They talked of an ancient civilization that was powerful. The Chinese also reference such a civilization but I always thought maybe it was the Mongols. But this society is much older than the Mongols. What I learned was what they called Witch Kings.

A Witch King is a ruler who is also a wizard. Long ago a ruler couldn’t just be someone who was good at management of a kingdom but also could harness the power of nature in a way that could help the tribe or defend it. These Witch Kings were numerous. For a while the Russians thought of the tribes in broad groups. But what they found was that each tribe was actually small and would ban together to repel outside forces. The Witch Kings may only have a few thousand or hundred people in their tribe. The magic they used was used to protect their small groups from outsiders and to help them live in harmony with nature. See they tribes learned to live with nature where as today the Russians try to control it and it isn’t really working out too well for them.

Many believe the Witch Kings of Siberia will return. I am not sure how, but they believe that someday soon the kings will comeback. The natives of Siberia are treated very poorly but the Russians. The Russians are not natives to Siberia and they have not learned to live with the land. Many natives would like to rid themselves of the Russians, at least that is the sense I got from them, but they see what is happen in Ukraine and have no illusions that could be them too.

I tell you this story of the Witch Kings of Siberia because change is coming and there is a stone to help you with this.

Crackle Fire Agate or sometimes called rattleskin snake agate is a powerful stone for change. Personally I am more of a fan of regular fire agate, it is a softer energy and very protective of the wearer. Crackle Fire Agate is regular fire agate on steroids. If you are stressed out, I would not recommend this stone, it can be a bit much to handle for some. But if you need change in your life, this stone will help you find the drive you need to make it happen and will get the change coming to you. But don’t sit around waiting for it to happen, this stone works in strange ways. Something you didn’t expect will happen and it normally is not what you think at first but as events unfold you find it is just what you asked for, just in a different package.

So as September is the second new year and time of change for many of us, grab some fire agate and enjoy the change.