If you are looking for scopes, I am now posting them to the home page only.

So we are all still here, not that I’m surprised. I hope you didn’t run up a big credit card bill thinking you didn’t have to pay it off. Anyway, I am not going to be doing weekly scopes anymore. There is no one reason why, in fact it is many reasons and a few them are reasons why you shouldn’t even bother reading scopes anymore either.

A number of people who have been in this field of psychic readings have left over the course of the year. They realized, there was something bigger in life. The Mayans were on to something, but our modern monkey brains couldn’t understand it. Well, at least the idiots on TV. If you were hoping for some big bang yesterday, that was never going to be the case, this is a gradual build and now you are in the time to use it.

Since 1987 these things have been in the works for those of us here now. In the time period between 1986-1988, many started on a new journey and that journey was one of awareness. You live in a modern system that makes you a slave the day you are born into it and you die one. Culture, economics, politics, all working to enslave you. Now I don’t mean like the slaves of old, but one who is so oblivious to the fact they you are a slave, you go on believing that you are operating by free will, when in fact you are not. Go to school, be told what to think. Get a job to buy things, but those things cost too much, so go into debt and take on more and more of it. That’s how they get you. As you waste your life chasing the latest whatever, you help the system stay afloat. You see, your modern economic system doesn’t want you paying off debt, it survives on debt and it needs you to as well or the whole thing comes down.

The old meaning, not the modern meaning of apocalypse means to uncover or to reveal. The Mayans were right, but we missed out on the meaning. The patterns over the years have been obvious, if you paid attention. We have been moving to a point of uncovering. But if you were hoping it would land in your lap and make perfect sense out of the box, you were wrong. To understand you need to be aware of yourself and this is why I am not going to do readings anymore.

Psychic readings of any kind have a very limited role. You know what, the uncovering is about you creating your own future. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what will happen, you can make it now much easier than before. You just need to relax and listen. I know, that’s easy to say sitting at my computer but when your boyfriend just cheated on you and you feel like your heart just got ripped out, that’s not so easy.

But that’s what we have now, a world where you need to be more conscious of your own thoughts because it is far easier to create now. In fact it has been for the past few months. I’ve been experimenting myself and noticed it. I also noticed, I need to watch my thoughts more. I also don’t pay attention to the media.

Now what is amusing to me is, most people when they think new age think a rather socialist like world. We will all do and think the way and everyone will get along because those who don’t just vanish somehow. That sounds like an end of times world! That’s what Hitler wanted and we know what they did with the people they didn’t like in that world. Realize that there is room for everyone and everyone’s point of view. Because they have just as much a right to create their own reality as you do. Just don’t let their reality take out yours. Insist your reality is just as valid as theirs. If you want to be free this is what you will have to do. But if you like the rat race, just keep doing what you will, after all, it is not going away right away. There is still a lot of work to do but the journey will be fun.

Most of the good readers are gone from the sites you frequent. They have moved on to create a new world for themselves. I suggest you do too. They left to go create, they helped but now it is time for you to help yourself. You have the tools, you don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what it will be like. In fact, by asking or allowing, you often prevent the future you want from coming.

I wish you well and I will probably post the crystal monthlies for a while as I always like what crystals have to say. But no more tarotscopes. You are free to create the week you want it to be! The cards are just cards now, the signs are just signs now. They gave you all the power you need to have them be whatever you want them to be.

Enjoy the journey!

  1. After reading your blog post I was instantly reminded of “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” — Napoleon Hill

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